Noodles From A to Noodle

Don’t you hate when your noodles taste as if they where made out of plastic? Here at Fake plastic noodles you can find everything you need to know about them. From where they come and what are noodles made of, to how to cook them and serve them so you never get fake plastic noodles ever again.

First is important to know that a noodle is a type of food usually made of dough, form into various shapes and cook in a mixture of oil and water. Although they are known all around the world, some pasta varieties are regional and not commonly found worldwide. Sometimes the same type of noodle will even have different names in the same language. But who came up with the brilliant idea of combining a few ingredients in the right proportions to get the delightful treat we call noodle? According to historians we have two cultures that have always fight for the right of claiming the noodle as their own invention: the Italian and the Chinese. Although as soon as we think of pasta Italy come to mind, the oldest written account dates from AD 25 and 220 during the Chinese East Han Dynasty. This means that noodles where originated in China and spread into neighboring countries such as Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand and Cambodia.
Italian noodles came later on. They are made of unleavened dough of buckwheat flour, or wheat water and eggs and comes in a great variety of shapes ( spaghetti, macaroni, lasagna, capellini, bucatini). Asian noodles are generally made from either wheat flour, rice flour or mung bean starch and also shaped in a great variety.
In this site we are going to show you the different type, what are they made of, how to prepare them.
At the end the important thing about noodles is not where they came from but that they are a common element in the diet of millions of people around the world.



Benefits of Buying Vine Followers – How Can This Help You Quickly Generate More Revenue?

delivering vine followersIn today’s ever-changing online environment, social media networks have become part of people’s lives, greatly impacting their buying decisions, impressions, and actions. As the quickest growing social networking apps, Vine is now considered a powerful marketing tool due to the fact that it can help companies create viral content that is distributed to the masses, therefore acquiring a lot more recognition, increasing brand awareness, and delivering effective messages to their targeted audience. Even so, getting people to follow your Vine channel can be a challenge, specifically since there are countless videos that take online communities by storm every day.
Why do so many companies choose to buy Vine followers as an alternative? Let’s analyze potential benefits of doing so.

Many Followers Mean Interesting, Worth-Watching Content
As with most other social networks, having many followers can bring you to the top of your competitors due to the fact that it subtly showcases your competitive advantages. Your channel is followed by thousands of people, meaning that the content you publish must be interesting, worth watching, and engaging in some way. Though buying Vine followers might seem wrong, it is only a well-intentioned strategy that can bring you just as many organic ones that will willingly press the Follow button. This, in turn, will create a chain reaction that will help you get more followers than your competitors, therefore bringing a lot of profit opportunities that will boost your revenue substantially from the first few weeks and months.

Many Followers Increase Visibility within SERPs
Having an active social presence on networks including Vine is a proof of your engagement – and many followers prove your ability to keep your audience engaged. Not all Vine channels are showed within search engines result pages (SERPs), but only those that have a truly outstanding presence. Once you buy Vine followers, your visibility within search engines will increase at a great deal, offering you more exposure, and therefore allowing you to reach your prospects faster. This is important mostly because there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of businesses activating in the same field as yours, meaning that competition is tough, and having the privilege to receive potential customers’ attention is critical to your success.

Many Followers Can Bring You More Revenue Faster
One of the biggest challenges business owners face when it comes to getting more revenue is the time needed for their businesses to grow and generate revenue. The first few months after your business has been established are usually the most difficult, as nobody knows about you, and you are therefore unable to sell your products or services to potential customers. Increasing awareness is critical to letting consumers know about what you do, and what your competitive advantages are. Considering Vine’s popularity and quick growth, having many followers can definitely help you earn a lot more than you have initially invested. In other words, Vine can be the mechanism that helps you communicate with your audience, tell them about what you do, and likely attract them into using your services or buying your products in the future.


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